Owner Updates

As an owner, each time you visit your resort, or exchange to another resort, you will be invited to an owners update.  This is a formal way for you to look at your current portfolio with a sales specialist.

  If you've had challenges in the past, you may be prescribed a way to restructure your current ownership.  This is always done through an upgraded purchase.  


In other words, if you need more vacation time, you will be shown how to buy more.  If you need more space, you will be shown how more space may be a solution to your space issue.  If you can't book at certain times of the year, your consultant will either take a look at your portfolio or his manager may be looking on their behalf.  So, if you have that dream place that you want to go to, you will be shown just how you can make it a reality.  

Keep in mind, your purchase is always going to be above and beyond your current contract.  With that being said, the more you own, the more maintenance and annual fees you will have to pay.  Making an additional purchase will rarely (usually never), wrap everything together. This  results in compounded contracts, not combined contracts.  Take the time to read your contract.  Get what works for you.  It's like having a tailor made suit that fits you perfectly.