Yes, your fees are forever.....

Make no mistake about this fact, you will have fees even after you've paid your contract in full.

If this is new news to you, here's the skinny:

Annual fees are mailed out every November, and are due in January.  Late fees to any unpaid amount will apply (every month after your grace period) according to your resort.  These fees will compound until zeroed out.  

You will not be able to use your resort facilities until your fees are paid in full.  

  • Maintenance - This is your share of the cost of maintaining the quality and beauty of your home resort.  This usually includes but is not limited to, painting, furniture, electronics, paving of the parking lot, linens, pools, and other amenities deemed your responsibility by the resort.
  • Taxes - If your resort is in a region that collects taxes, this amount is prescribed by the county in which your resort is located, and you pay your share.
  • Assessments - These are "other" fees that are included such as the front desk staff, payment of insurance policies, golf carts, etc.
  • Banking (to extend the expiration of your current use time)
  • Booking Fee  (usually applies to float owners and points owners)
  • Exchange Fee (per exchange)
  • Annual Exchange Company Membership Fees
  • Internal Exchange Fees

People still get upset at the resort when they "realize" that they have to pay on-going additional fees above and beyond the maintenance.  Many times you're initially required to pay these fees at the time of purchase. This common practice is never hidden information, you sign for it.  Hundreds of thousands of families get this concept, and adhere to these stipulations.  In fact, they purchase more and more, they love it.  It's a lifestyle that's easier to swallow when you can wrap your mind around it all.