Can You Get Out of Your Timeshare?

Yes, of course you can. Guidelines are in place and must be followed to a T, but it is very do-able.    

Timeshare Help Desk doesn't facilitate getting you out of your timeshare.  We will however, give you the appropriate tools to get out if that's what you would like to do.  You, in turn, will have to be directly involved in getting yourself out, but if it's in your contract, we can  find it and help you get out.

Realistically, it doesn't behoove you or the resort for you to be kept bound if you can't use the property.  They don't want to have vacancies.  There are proper steps and procedures affiliated with every resort as it applies to releasing you from your contract, especially if your obligation has been met.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  Email us today!

Types of Exchanges

INTERNAL EXCHANGES - This is done by going to a different location within your resort family (anything other than your home location)  The fee is usually discounted.  In many instances,  exchanges in general, will NOT be accomplished without cost.  The reason behind this is that you have a contract for a certain location, and if you choose to exchange and go to a different location or brand within your own resort family it's a type of reservation. 

EXTERNAL EXCHANGES -The utilization of another resort brand in exchange for your allotted brand and location.  This is done by depositing an equal amount of your time into your external exchange company, then switching with someone else's time and location.  The external exchanges are outside companies that only "house" resorts, they don't own any resorts.  They give you thousands of optional places for owners to travel to.  This is what your exchange membership fees pay for. 

Additional Time for Vacations

There are a couple of things that may be afforded to you if you want another vacation, or a big vacation (based on your contract).  Here are a few options:

  1. Borrowing: the ability to use your upcoming time a year in advance. This method requires that you pay your maintenance and taxes a year in advance.
  2. Purchasing extra inventory:  This is usually published and made available through your external exchange company.  This is additional inventory that hasn't been booked.  For this, you don't have to use your regular allotted time, you make a one time purchase of more time.  The appropriate fees will apply.
  3. Banking: This is another common way to get extra time.  This is just like it sounds.... you bank and save up your time for the next year, that way you have more for use. This also has a fee attached.

Will my Week or Points Expire?

YES.  The vast majority of owners will have their time made available to them on the 1st day of January (either every year, every other year, or tri-annually..)  This time is generally good for up to 2 years use.  In the event the time goes past for the cutoff(usually October),  your time  will expire and no longer be available.  This is a pretty expensive mistake.  You can avoid unnecessarily  expiration of your time by either banking, booking, or exchanging for a future date, or allowing someone else use it, and pay the appropriate fees.

Week Ownership vs Points

I get asked this question  (at least) 10 times a day.  This is completely a personal preference, and is based on your travel preferences, and travel habits.  

  • Week owners have grandfathered in to a specific time and location.  This is the oldest way to own.  Week owners do, however have a different type of flexibility.  For instance, they can exchange and go someplace else, but only during their use time, and they have to use a week or lose the unused portion.  Their week cannot be broken up to make 2 vacations....  There are tons of advantages of this ownership type, resorts are wanting to get these deeds back and upgrade them to points.
  • Points owners have a lot more flexibility to how long they can stay, and when they book, how many times they can book.  This is because they're not tied down to 7 days.   The points owner can go for as few as  2 nights and they can exchange for certain cruise (discounts), and many resorts allow the points owners to book at any location without an internal fee.  This ownership can be stretched out for several vacations throughout the year.

What about Leases

Some developers / resorts will only allow you to lease from their company for a certain amount of years.  This is also known as a a right to use for x amount of years ONLY.  Many Countries outside of the USA have this as an only option.  There are companies within the US that have opted to offer the lease option.  This is so there is no discrepancy of ownership.  Leases are done in increments such as 15, 30 50, or 99 years.