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how were you introduced?

My first Introduction to timeshare


My husband and I were approached while on the beach with a spiel from (what I now know as the O.P.C. better known as Off Property Sales Consultant), I initially referred to her as a body snatcher

It all seemed innocent when she stated, “you don’t have to buy anything…" It’s just a 90 minute preview of a brand new resort.

She finished by saying that “at the end of the presentation you’ll get a  $100 gift card” I was sold. I figured that we were on vacation and this is easy money.  So, we arranged to attend what ended up being 4 hours of convincing, pressure, and exhausting information.  My husband was pissed! 

We wasted an entire day of vacation for $100 Still being on vacation, (the very next day) we were approached by a different person for a different resort presentation, and offered a different gift. I figured they (somehow) owed me from my prior experience, so I agreed to attend, but this time I was going to win. I knew how to handle the situation, I thought. I’d just say no, no, no, get my gift and leave. But this turned out to be a nicer resort, with nicer amenities and the sales rep was nonchalant, smooth, with absolutely NO pressure. In fact, he repeatedly said that he wanted to leave early, and we were his last tour. But this resort was so beautiful…. so we asked more questions , which spun a bigger web for his trap!!! This guy never shifted his gears, he constantly reminded us of how much he had to do when we were done, he told us that he got paid whether we bought or not. By now we were entangled in his web.  4 hours later… after breakfast and lunch, this sales rep and his manager had “danced” around our money all while insinuating that this premium resort could be the answer to our vacation “problems” (we never knew we had problems that required fixing). Of course after he amplified, magnified and explained that our vacation habits were wasteful, uncommitted, and unstructured; let him tell it we really had a huge problem. 

Our rep said that we’d guarantee our children, grandchildren, and ourselves a lifetime of vacations and memories if we were to incorporate vacation ownership into their future. We were told that in the event that we couldn't use this elite resort that we could arrange to exchange it or rent it out. He even said that there was so much equity within this resort that if we decided to sell we could.  There were no negatives (that I remember). We came to the consensus that we had nothing to lose…. Everyone must travel this way. We were sold! We would no longer be irresponsible travelers, and we would own our vacations!

Finally, we agreed upon a down payment and a monthly that we could “comfortably” (as he put it) afford. So we laid our ID’s and credit card on the table to seal the deal.

Then there was the deeding process (since this was fractional real estate ownership). This is where the reinforcement of the sale took place for another hour or so, we asked questions and signed documents as if we were purchasing a home. The closing rep was pleasant, informative (we thought), and she walked us through the remainder of the process. 

But after sleeping on our decision, buyers’ remorse started to heavily take over.....



By that evening, our conversation went something like this:

Oh my God!!! What did we just do? We can’t afford to do this right now with 1 kid in college. This was the most irrational decision that we’ve ever made. We have to rethink our other obligations, and maybe do this in a couple of years..... 

We needed to go back to the resort and get our money back. 

We returned to the resort the next day and asked for a manager, and attempted to explain our situation and resend on our purchase. The manager sat us down for another breakfast and gave “the talk”. He said that it was very normal to feel like this, but he couldn’t refund the money immediately and that the resort gave a 10-day cool off period, so we had time to think.

He continued by telling us that we’d feel differently in a few days. He also explained that he didn’t want us to risk losing the first day incentives and discounts that he’d gotten for us. He assured us that he’d talk to the director and if we still felt the same in a week that we should just call the resort and ask for him and he’d take care of it for us. Again he sold us on a dream. He Promised that he’d take care of us because we were his clients!!!  By the time we got home, the "cool off" period had expired, and we were owners for life!  THAT'S WHAT THEY THOUGHT...